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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Courses available for Nepali Students after high school in different streams: Science, Management and Humanities

This article provides you the career guidelines highlighting all the courses available in Nepal after high school i.e. 10 + 2. Despite Nepal having...
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    Web-Mobile Applications

    Take your small business online with GoDaddy Hosting & Domain Service and build your brand

    We often get queries by entrepreneurs: How does online platform helps to boom up business? Well, we'll cover answer to every question and show you...

    What is Zoom app and why it is banned in so many countries?

    Are you working from home? If so then you might have heard about the zoom app. In this recent days zoom cloud meeting app...

    Growth of Digital Payment in Nepal (2020): Top 7 Digital Wallets for use

    Technologies are increasing day by day and with the increase in technology the lifestyle of the people are also changing. This is the modern...

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    Nepal Rising: Its History and the Present

    Nepal is the culturally diverse Himalayan nation, was going through the 2nd phase of its crucial local level polls, the first to be held...